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If you are considering membership, please contact someone to assist you.


Cadet membership costs $41.00 *, and gets you the books, which are:

-a blue three ring binder with the Civil Air Patrol cadet programs logo on the front and sides

-an aerospace studies book

-a leadership book, volume I

-cadet physical fitness test manual

-a training program overview

-a standards, customs, and courtesies manual

-a cadet protection policy overview

as well as several other papers and booklets. DO NOT THROW ANY OF THEM OUT! One of them is only issued once, and is IMPERATIVE to your advancement.

You will need to get a set of BDU's and a set of Blues. Depending on our stock of uniforms, you may not have to buy anything.

*All monetary prices are not set in stone. If someone has any problems paying, some payment form can be negotiated.

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